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Want to sell on instagram

Instagram has over 1bn users looking for products all the time.

You can sell everything from clothes to electronics to printed mugs, from the Insta app you know and love. Boozeted can give you the platform for your products to sell to all your followers. We can set up your shop for you in minutes to sell anything you like!

Instagram business pages are visited over 3 million times each day and almost 80% of users follow a business or more.

Using your Instagram followers to explorer your great content and send them a call to action on your recommendation to certain products.

Influencer sales platform

As an established influencer you have the power to guide your followers to products you have a financial interest in. Whether they are your products or a collaboration with a friendly supplier or manufacturer.

By keeping products in tune with your image and profile you are more likely to influence people to interact, recommend and buy your products.

Speak to us to discuss just how we can help you turn your “influencer” status into sales and money.